Vektro Commodities ‘World Wide Representative Company’ specialized in trading Agriculture Commodities, it is highly qualified and committed to provide top service. We are a consulting and commercial representation company, operating in the foreign trade as a service provider.

Spices and Grains

Our spices and grains are of the highest grades and are all ISO 22000 certified. Our committed and trustworthy sources ensure that only the best quality products are supplied and that the spices and grains are minimally manipulated by humans. All our products go through an 11 step process for uniform grading, colour sorting and automatic packing to ensure only the best is supplied to us

Sesame seeds

Swiss engineered machines supply hulled and unhulled sesame seeds with purity levels from 90% to 99.97%.


Export grade black and white chickpeas.


Export grades of peanuts available for human consumption.

Dry Ginger

Ginger is a irregular shaped rootstock of the ginger plant, which is also referred to as an herb spice. It is usually dried to preserve it for transport and storage.


Cashew nuts are a popular snack and food source. Cashews, unlike other oily tree nuts, contain starch to about 10% of their weight. This makes them more effective than other nuts in thickening water-based dishes such as soups, meat stews, and some Indian milk-based desserts. Many southeast Asian and south Asian cuisines use cashews for this unusual characteristic, rather than other nuts.

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic is a natural gum that oozes out from Acacia trees and dries to form tears / nodules. There are more than 1,000 Acacia species worldwide but Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal are the most prized commercially.


We pride ourselves as the largest supplier and exporter of high quality dry cassava chips from Nigeria. We produce over 50,000 tons of cassava annually from our own farm of more than x2,000 hectares. We have further access of additional 100,000 ton of dry cassava chips annually from 2 equally large and adjacent cassava farms.

Dried Cassava Chips

Cassava is a shrubby, tropical, perennial plant that is not well known in the temperate zone. For most people, cassava is most commonly associated with tapioca. The plant grows tall, sometimes reaching 15 feet, with leaves varying in shape and size. The edible parts are the tuberous root and leaves. The tuber (root) is somewhat dark brown in color and grows up to 2 feet long.
In our farm, due to the use of appropriate fertilizers, technology and mechanization, our harvest was able to reach 25 tons per hectare. With 2,000 hectare of dedicated farm land we have been able to gross 50,000 tons of cassava annually.

Our cassava chips are dried naturally thus avoiding over cooking through mechanical driers and to ensure that >70% of starch is retained.

We have strict Quality Control Procedures to ensure that our dry cassava chips are peeled and pure white in colour. Our products have less than 10% moisture; more than 70% of starch content, less than 2% of foreign particles and our cassava chips are free from worm holes and putrefactions. Packing List, Certificates of origin, fumigation, weight and quality standards will be supplied by Intertek or SGS and Local Authority of Inspection and Quarantine.

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