Vektro Foods
Vektro Foods brands are the fastest growing in the FMCG market and is dedicated to achieving high quality products for their valuable customers. This commitment to quality has become recognized internationally.
Vektro is focused on Sales, Marketing & Brand building whether launching new brands or growing our existing brands.
Vektro’s diverse business includes: canned seafood, baby foods, carbonated drinks, frozen and shelf stable products which are distributed to supermarkets around the world.
We are excited to share our products all over the world and are always seeking companies who are interested in getting involved and distributing our magnificent products. Please contact us for further information.

Canned Fish Foods


    Great for salads, casseroles, or other dishes that call for smaller pieces, our Seabasket tuna is 99% fat free, and a good source of protein.
    Flavours: Seeded Mustard Tuna, Smoked Flavour Tuna, Sweet Chilli Tuna, Onion & Savoury Tuna


    Fresh and oily Sardine are Wild-caught and very tasty, these sardines are perfect in a flavorful pasta dish, quick appetizer, or all by themselves.
    Flavours: Tomato Sauce Sardine


    Fresh and oily Mackerel are as a delicious protein source, mackerel’s rich flavor is perfect by itself or paired with a bold sauce.
    Flavours: Sweet & Spicy Mackerel

Carbonated Drinks

    Vektro Chapman

    Chapman is one of the popular Nigerian drinks; it is served in most major Nigerian restaurants and bars. Nigerian Chapman is to Nigeria, as Sangria is to Spain Portugal. Even though both cocktails are almost alike, Nigerian Chapman has an exceptional fresh taste which makes it stand out from other drinks. Chapman is one of Nigeria’s popular and most sort after drinks.
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